About Kim

For several years Kim had been interested in trying her hand at wheel thrown pottery and in September 2014 she started taking pottery classes at Spiral Studio.  She now has a potter’s wheel at home and not long after she invested in a kiln too!

Kim enjoys many aspects of pottery. She enjoys making functional wares that encourage people to slow down and enjoy simple things. Decorating and texture are some of her favourite parts.

Pottery has provided an outlet for stress relief, mindfulness, and in many ways ‘therapy’. One of the potters that Kim follows has captured her sentiment about the importance of pottery in keeping life in balance.  You Center the Clay, the Clay Centers You! ~ Simon Leach ~

Kim grew up in the local area and currently lives in Kentville, Nova Scotia. In addition to pottery, Kim enjoys cooking, board games, and nature. Kim is a mother and wife.

Kim is a Registered Psychologist who specializes in working with children and adolescents.